“Unveiling the Concept of Payback in Casinos” – Exclusive Feature in Casino Player & Strictly Slots Magazine

The Impact of Payback Percentage on Slot Machine Play

The payback percentage or return to player (RTP) is a crucial statistic in the world of slot machines. However, many people still misunderstand its significance. A 90% payback does not mean that you will receive 90% of your wagers back, and the term “return to player” is also technically incorrect. The actual term should be “return to players”.

The process of determining the payback percentage begins at the slot development facilities of the manufacturers. Mathematicians are responsible for mapping out the reels, paylines, and stops, which are the symbol positions on which each reel can stop. The game’s theoretical payback percentage, or RTP, is determined by assigning numbers to each stop, with high-paying symbols receiving the fewest numbers and blanks receiving the most.

After the mathematical calculations are completed, the game is run through millions of simulated spins to determine the percentage of the total amount wagered that is returned as payouts. This theoretical RTP predicts the percentage of wagers returned to players over the life of the machine, typically years of play by hundreds of players.

In recent years, especially after the recession of 2008-2009 and the COVID-19 crisis, the overall slot machine RTP offered by casinos has decreased. While academic studies claim that players may not notice the difference, many long-term slot players have observed that they are not winning as much as they once did.

The popularity of penny slots with multiple paylines, bonus events, and progressive jackpots has increased, despite having a lower RTP. These games are more about entertainment rather than winning, with some carrying an RTP under 90%, resulting in an 11-12% house edge.

The author of the article prefers to play mechanical reel-spinners and video poker, which traditionally offer higher payback percentages. However, the important thing is to consider casinos as entertainment and play what one enjoys, even if there are games with a better RTP.

In conclusion, while the payback percentage is an essential factor in the world of slot machines, it is important for players to understand its implications and play for entertainment rather than focusing solely on the statistics.