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There are some common beliefs about video poker machines in casinos. Some people think that these machines are rigged and not random, which gives the casinos an unfair advantage. They point to observations like never completing a four of a kind when dealt three of a kind, or rarely completing a flush or open straight.

So are these machines rigged? Let’s take a closer look at these phenomena and analyze the truth behind these beliefs.

When you are dealt three of a kind, the odds of drawing to four of a kind are actually 1 in 23.5. This means that only once in nearly 24 attempts will you complete the four of a kind. Considering that you are dealt three of a kind only once every 424 hands, completing a four of a kind is indeed a rare occurrence.

Similarly, when you’re dealt four of a flush, the odds of drawing a card that completes the flush are about one in five. However, this happens over the long run, and people tend to remember what they don’t expect to happen. As a result, they may remember the times the flush does not complete, rather than the times it does.

The same situation exists when being dealt four of an open straight. There are eight cards in the remaining 47 that will complete the hand, or just a little more than once every six times. Again, we expect to complete this hand and tend to remember when it doesn’t happen, rather than when it does.

Lastly, if you discard one card and it’s replaced with the same rank, this happens about one in 15 times. The human mind tends to remember things that are not the norm, and we remember when things that shouldn’t happen do happen.

In conclusion, the casinos are not cheating players by rigging the video poker machines. It’s simply a matter of perception and memory. Over thousands of hands, the results align with the mathematical expectations. So, the next time you feel like the machines are rigged, remember that it’s just our brains playing tricks on us.