Outrageous Casino Heists and Scams Uncovered – Exclusive in Casino Player Magazine | Strictly Slots Magazine

In December, two separate incidents highlighted the extreme reactions some people have to losing at a casino. In Pennsylvania, a 45-year-old man from Harrisburg had to be rescued by firefighters after getting trapped in an elevator at the Hollywood Casino in Grantville. It was reported that the guest became angry after losing bets and kicked the elevator door, causing it to malfunction and trap him between floors. The incident is still under investigation, and the guest may face criminal charges for his actions.

In California, another bizarre incident occurred at the Table Mountain Casino where Matthew Ebner was arrested for vandalizing visitors’ cars. Over the course of a few months, numerous cars had their tires flattened as a result of Ebner’s alleged “feud” with the casino. A three-month-long investigation uncovered that at least 35 vehicles had been affected, resulting in thousands of dollars in damages. It was discovered that the cars had been driving over caltrops, small metal devices with four prongs that can easily damage tires. Ebner’s alleged motive for the vandalism was believed to be a grudge against the casino, and evidence including caltrops was found at his home.

The use of caltrops as a means of revenge against a casino is highly unusual, and Ebner now faces multiple charges of vandalism with bail set at $25,000. It is still unclear what exactly led to Ebner’s grievance against the casino, but his method of payback has certainly garnered attention.

The incidents serve as a reminder of the extreme reactions that losing at a casino can elicit in some individuals. While most people handle losses with grace, these cases highlight the need for responsible gambling behavior and the potential consequences of letting emotions get the better of us. The casino losses experienced by these individuals have now been compounded with legal troubles and potential financial liabilities as a result of their actions.