New Headline: “Introducing ‘Cornsquealius’ – The Latest Sensation in Casino Player Magazine and Strictly Slots Magazine”

AGS has partnered with Miami’s Miccosukee Casino & Resort to debut its first themed gaming area, Hog Heaven, celebrating the popular Rakin’ Bacon! franchise. This 33-game slot area is designed to engage players in a unique and immersive gaming experience.

Rakin’ Bacon! has been a mega-hit for AGS since its launch in 2018, popularizing the pot-collection style of game feature. With over 3,100 machines in casinos, the game has become a player favorite and has spawned sequels such as Rakin’ Bacon! Deluxe, Rakin’ Bacon! Sahara, and Rakin’ Bacon! Odyssey.

In the newest versions of Rakin’ Bacon!, Cornsquealius, the game’s mascot, adds extra games or additional wilds to the free-spin feature. The free-games feature in the Odyssey and Sahara titles takes place on an expanded reel set, adding to the excitement of the game.

AGS plans to introduce one or two Rakin’ Bacon! titles per year, each with new game-play mechanics. The company aims to create a dedicated space in casinos for the Rakin’ Bacon! game family, with Hog Heaven at Miccosukee being the first of these themed areas.

Hog Heaven features 33 of the most popular AGS slots, including multiple Rakin’ Bacon titles, wrapped into a brightly lit slot area with LED billboard-wrapped entrances and wall art depicting Cornsquealius floating through the air. The space also includes a neon selfie wall for visitors to capture and share their experience.

Julia Boguslawski, AGS Chief Marketing Officer, expressed excitement about the themed gaming area. She emphasized the importance of creating a fun environment for players and introducing social elements like the selfie wall to enhance their gaming experience.

This partnership marks a new trend in the slot world as AGS continues to expand and create unique spaces dedicated to its game family. With its eye-catching designs and engaging themes, AGS is setting the stage for an immersive gaming experience for players at Miccosukee and beyond.