Netflix Unveils First ‘Squid Game’ Slot Machine – Featured in Casino Player and Strictly Slots Magazines

The popular Netflix show “Squid Game” has now made its way to the casino floor in the form of a new slot machine game. This marks Netflix’s first licensing deal for a slot machine game and is set to debut in 2024. The slot machine version of the deadly game show made its debut at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas and is expected to attract a lot of attention due to the show’s immense popularity.

“Squid Game” became Netflix’s most-watched show or film ever, with 1.6 billion hours viewed since its debut in 2021. The show’s popularity has led to the creation of a reality show version of the game and an upcoming second season of the original series. Now, the hope is to capitalize on this popularity and attract casino players to the new slot machine game.

The slot machine game is based on some of the popular games featured in the show, including Red Light, Green Light, Tug of War, and The Glass Tile. Players in the show were competing for a prize of $38,000, but the slot machine game offers potential payouts of $200,000 to $400,000, depending on the version of the game.

The game is designed to be an immersive experience, utilizing Light & Wonder’s Horizon large-screen cabinet with a 75-inch screen featuring 600,000 individual micro-LED pixels. It also includes integrated lighting, a 27-inch touch screen, and a mobile charger. In addition to the casino version, a digital version of the game is also planned for online players.

Light & Wonder CEO Matt Wilson expressed pride in being the first slots gaming company to partner with Netflix’s “Squid Game” and bring the show to life in the casino gaming world. Wilson stated, “We’ve seen how combining fan-favorite shows with immersive gameplay can resonate with audiences both digitally and on casino floors. Unveiling this captivating game on our innovative Horizon cabinet makes for an unparalleled player experience.” This partnership is expected to bring the excitement and intensity of the show to casino players, without the grisly and untimely endings that the contestants faced in the original “Squid Game”.