Learn the Hi-Lo Card Counting System in the Master Class by Casino Player Magazine and Strictly Slots Magazine

Index play in blackjack is a topic that has long fascinated players and researchers alike. In this article, we will explore the result of an extensive and sophisticated computer programming and simulations to bring you The Hi-Lo Card Counting System: A Complete Guide to Index Play.

This project was led by Dave “Gronbog” Brolley and was born out of a discussion on an online website about the extra advantages advanced players might gain from learning a highly complex system used by prominent forum members. The goal was to evaluate this complex approach to the game and provide an expert opinion on its effectiveness.

The original “Illustrious 18,” introduced in 1986, has been a point of interest for players, who have been eager to learn more. This article not only explores the potential gains from using the Hi-Lo card count in multiple-deck situations, but also ranks the individual strategy-departure index numbers in order of contribution to that gain.

The methodology behind the study involved extensive simulations to create a level of confidence of nearly 99.9% for every player holding versus each dealer upcard. The study includes reliable indices, rigorously generated to guarantee accuracy. The study also notes that some plays simply could not be determined definitively, but reassures players that differences in scores are virtually undetectable for the use of these “recalcitrant” indices.

The index charts represent the values associated with the level of penetration for the six-deck and two-deck games. The study also anticipates further enhancements and refinements in the future, with plans to cover a majority of the most popular card-counting systems in companion pieces.

This complete guide to index play offers a detailed examination of the Hi-Lo card counting system, including the long-awaited expanded lists of indices. The exhaustive research and simulations by Dave “Gronbog” Brolley have resulted in a comprehensive resource for expert players seeking to gain a deeper understanding of blackjack strategy.