June 2023 Issue: Casino Player Magazine and Strictly Slots Magazine Merge

Strictly Slots Magazine Unveils the Country’s Favorite Racinos and Their Offerings

In the June 2023 issue of Strictly Slots Magazine, readers are treated to an exclusive peek into the country’s most popular racinos and the unique treats they offer. The magazine features fascinating articles such as “Power Push and Mega Money Catch”, where Incredible Technologies showcases the unique capabilities of its Prism VXP cabinet. Notably, the informational content is provided by none other than Frank Legato, a well-known contributor to the magazine. Additionally, readers get a special treat with “Norwegian Cruise Line Offers $100,000 Slot Tournament and Much More” by Sean Chaffin, and “It’s easier to earn a high theoretical playing slots than it is video poker” by Frank Scoblete.

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