Expert Tips for Cutting Costs and Maximizing winnings at the Casino – Featured in Casino Player Magazine and Strictly Slots Magazine

When visiting a casino, most people don’t expect to save money, but according to a recent article, there are a few tips and tricks that can help reduce the amount you end up spending.

The article begins by highlighting the various ways that casinos are designed to make visitors spend money. From the games to the food, rooms, and entertainment, there are numerous ways to part with your money. One example is the introduction of new games or versions of old games that are not as favorable for players. Games like Triple Zero Roulette and 6/5 Blackjack are cited as examples of games that cost players more money and have higher house edges compared to traditional versions.

The piece offers advice on how to navigate the casino in a way that minimizes financial losses. For example, it suggests avoiding certain games altogether, such as 6/5 Blackjack and Triple Zero Roulette, and playing only at full or semi-full tables to reduce the total amount wagered. The article also recommends familiarizing oneself with basic strategies for games like Blackjack and sticking to traditional bets in Craps.

The advice extends to slot machines, where the article suggests avoiding progressive machines and instead, playing lower-risk one-coin machines. The piece highlights the importance of managing risk and ensuring that casino playing remains enjoyable and financially sustainable.

The article is signed off with well-wishes for readers both in and out of the casino and directs them to the author’s website and books for further information.