Exclusive Look at the Strategy Unveiled in Casino Player Magazine and Strictly Slots Magazine

The incorporation of push and small wins into video poker and slot machines is a common occurrence that often leaves players questioning the true nature of their wins. However, there is a reason behind why these designs are utilized for gameplay, as they help keep the games playable while adding to the overall returns.

In the case of video poker, players often express dissatisfaction when high pairs only return the equivalent of their original wager. This sentiment has led to discussions about why pay tables for high pairs don’t start at 2-for-1 to ensure that wins actually provide some sort of profit. However, changing the pay table in this manner would require dramatic alterations to maintain the payback percentages within normal ranges.

For example, in the 9-6 Jacks or Better game, the theoretical payback is 99.5 percent with expert play. However, if the pay for high pairs were increased to 2-for-1, the return would skyrocket to 121 percent. This would lead to significant changes in the game’s dynamics, including a decrease in the percentage of paying hands, making the game more volatile and potentially resulting in a loss of interest from players.

Similarly, in the case of slot machines, players often question why they receive payoffs that are less than their original bet. However, this can be attributed to the fact that modern video slots consist of multiple paylines, with wins on a small portion of paylines being overwhelmed by bets on losing lines.

In a conversation with a slot player, it was explained that the smallest winner cannot be increased to match the bet on each payline, as it would result in significantly larger payouts and reductions in the size and frequency of bigger wins, which would be economically unfeasible for casinos.

The small wins are crucial for keeping players engaged and providing them with opportunities to continue playing, ultimately contributing to the overall fun and excitement of the games. While these payouts may seem insignificant on their own, they play a vital role in providing players with the chance to experience larger wins and bonuses, ensuring that the games remain enjoyable and entertaining.

Overall, the incorporation of pushes and small wins in the design of video poker and slot machines serves to enhance the gameplay experience for players and contributes to the overall returns for both players and casinos.