Exclusive Feature: Casino Player Magazine and Strictly Slots Magazine Take a Closer Look at Moving Pictures in Casinos

Starts with the definitive sign of the Power Pay bonus game, in which a player collects money bags in order to participate in a cascade feature that has inspiring visuals, much in the way Power Push does. According to Cassatt, the esteemed player now pushes money from the top of the screen to above the reels at the conclusion of the cascade, moving bill denominations into small areas that represent jackpots within the money catches, and players swipe the bills when they match a value to win those payouts. Mega Money Catch offers the large-scale jackpots IT players have come to expect from the Crazy Money family of games, and its grand attraction, the Money Catch bonus, marks the first time the company is using the Prism VXP’s moving screen to accentuate a bonus. Additionally, Mega Money Catch will feature a symbol that can be wild or mimic a winning combo for a high-paying hit. This game will premiere at an imminent Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas. With Mega Money Catch, Cassatt says, the company has made is “able to keep true to the roots of the feature that made Crazy Money a hit, but made it a completely different experience” in the new Prism VXP cabinet. Even though the cabinet now has two main game themes, they fit in with many others in the company’s playerfavorite family games, such as Crazy Money, Crazy Money Deluxe and Heat ’Em Up. What counts, according to Cassatt, is that Incredible Technologies has adroitly exploited a unique game platform, transforming it into a distinct and real experience for players on the casino floor. “At the end of the day, the mainstream things need to surprise you,” he says. It no longer suffices for games to be cookie-cut.” After years in the casino slot business, many gaming companies have gradually built game concepts that are replicas of each other. There’s the same number of buttons, the same sized screen; many games look the same. The Prism VXP is IT’s exclusive game platform, Cassatt says. “We’re taking our skill set and experience as a successful manufacturer of amusement and redemption games and applying it in a truly unique way, and making actual money-making slot machines,” he adds. “The Prism VXP is a skillfully crafted product for players who seek out games with bonuses that are the most captivating. It elevates on the floor the concept of even more participation.” With the continued success of both UpShot and now Power Push in various casinos, adding Mega Money Catch to the platform promises to set the tone for an even more successful 2022.