Everything You Need to Know About Video Poker – Your Ultimate FAQ Guide

Many gamblers are making the switch from traditional table and slot games to video poker due to the possibility of having an advantage over the casino. With the ability to calculate theoretical returns and use accurate playing strategies, players can increase their chances of winning. Here are some frequently asked questions about video poker and their answers.

Is playing video poker the same as playing slot machines?
No, when playing a slot machine, it is based purely on luck as there is no way of knowing the machine’s programmed return to players. However, with video poker, the pay table is right in front of the player, allowing them to determine the theoretical return and make strategic decisions to win more money in the long run.

Is playing video poker the same as playing table poker?
No, in table poker, the goal is to beat opponents or bluff them. In video poker, players aim to achieve a winning hand from the initial dealt five-card hand with the opportunity to draw replacement cards. The strategy for video poker is different from table poker.

How are cards dealt in a video poker machine?
A Random Number Generator (RNG) shuffles a deck of cards and displays five cards at the top when a player hits the “deal” button. The remaining cards continue to shuffle until the player decides which cards to hold and the replacement cards are drawn. The RNG ensures a fair game for players.

What is a Class II vs. Class III video poker machine?
Class III machines determine hand results by an RNG and player skill can influence the outcome. Class II machines, found predominantly in casinos on Indian reservations without compacts with their respective states, use a central computer server to draw bingo balls to determine hand outcomes.

Is there such a thing as a “hot and cold” video poker machine?
No, streaks in video poker cannot be predicted mathematically because the RNG dealing the cards is unpredictable and random.

Why are there so many different video poker games?
To keep the game exciting for players, video poker manufacturers have created new games with different pay tables and variations to provide increased payouts and bonus features.

Can casinos cheat at video poker?
It is illegal for casinos to have non-random (Class III) video poker machines. Cheating risks losing their gambling license, making it highly unlikely they would resort to cheating.

Should you bet one coin or more than one coin when you play video poker?
It is advisable to bet the maximum coins on every hand to get the maximum return from the game, especially if playing with a monetary edge.

What’s the best way to learn a video poker playing strategy?
Practicing playing video poker on a home PC using software programs like Video Poker for Winners and Optimum Video Poker is the easiest and quickest way to learn and improve playing accuracy.

Are video poker strategy cards legal?
There is no law or regulation barring the use of strategy cards when playing video poker, making it a practical investment for accurate gameplay.