EHC GLOBAL introduces LED UV-C handrail sterilization solution for casino industry – Casino Journal

EHC Global has introduced a new solution to enhance cleanliness and safety in public spaces. The company unveiled its LED UV-C Handrail Sterilization Solution for escalators and moving walks, aimed at providing antimicrobial protection and disinfection of high-traffic touch points.

The compact LED UV-C Handrail Sterilization Module is mounted internally, offering advantages over externally mounted devices. This includes eliminating the risks and costs associated with entrapment, damage caused by impact, vandalism, theft, downtime, and obstruction of access on escalators and moving walks.

Initially introduced to industry partners in 2018, EHC has responded to the growing demand for enhanced cleanliness by ramping up commercial production and availability of the LED UV-C Handrail Sterilization Module in key markets. These transportation devices are relied upon by millions of people every day in various public spaces around the world.

The technology behind the solution is ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) utilizing UV-C technology, which has been proven effective against pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. When properly installed by a licensed technician, the LED UV-C Handrail Sterilization Module will not compromise the integrity, performance, or warranty of the handrail material.

Patrick Bothwell, vice president of sales at EHC Global, stated, “EHC Global is committed to helping make the world a better place by developing products and delivering technical services and integrated solutions that enhance passenger safety and customer experience.”

The LED UV-C Handrail Sterilization Solution is part of EHC’s Safety+ portfolio, which includes NT+ Handrail Solutions, safety signage, barricades, brushes, automated messaging systems, antimicrobial handrail film, and service barricades.

Overall, EHC Global’s new LED UV-C Handrail Sterilization Solution is a step towards promoting safe and responsible use of escalators and moving walks in public spaces, ultimately enhancing passenger safety and customer experience.