Discover Three Times the Rewards at Triple Treasures Casino – Featured in Casino Player and Strictly Slots Magazines

AGS has introduced a new family of slot games called Triple Coin Treasures, which combines popular features in a fun and innovative way. The base titles, Long Bao Bao and Shamrock Fortunes, feature fun animated characters hosting game actions and interacting with one another.

Both games have fun and entertaining characters that enhance the overall gaming experience. The interactive animations add to the entertainment value for players.

Each game has a unique bonus feature involving three growing pots of gold colored green, red, and blue. As symbols land on the reels, they send coins up to the corresponding colored pot above the reels. When a pot bursts, it triggers one of three distinct free-spin rounds, each with a different special enhancement.

The green pot awards additional free spins, the blue pot expands the reel array and includes cash-on-reels symbols with a multiplier, and the red pot triggers a “Symbol Upgrade” with large cash-on-reels awards and jackpot symbols.

The games are available on the new AGS Spectra cabinet, which is designed for comfort and features a large button deck, providing players with ample space and a comfortable gaming experience.

The Triple Coin Treasures games have been well-received in casinos, with high demand across major gaming markets. The colorful presentation and mix of bonus features make them stand out on slot floors.

Overall, the Triple Coin Treasures games offer a great play experience, with the added excitement of triggering the bonus pots and the chance to win various jackpots.

The games are available in casinos now and have been quickly gaining popularity, making them a hit with players. And for those looking to maximize their chances of winning, keep an eye out for the bank with the largest pot before playing.