Designing Custom Games: A Key to Casino Success – Casino Player Magazine and Strictly Slots Magazine

The trend of online casino lobbies featuring exclusive, customized games is gaining momentum in the European iGaming market. Players are showing a strong interest in games that are unique and can’t be found anywhere else, while operators see them as a powerful tool for building customer rapport. This trend is particularly evident in the Netherlands, where consumers have a strong preference for niche games such as fruit machines and classic slots., a leading Dutch iGaming news source, highlights the importance of getting game customization right, especially in new markets like the United States. With internet gambling now legal in the Netherlands, there are 25 online casinos available and new brands are being added every month. The Dutch consumer base is seen as different from other European players, and there is a growing demand for custom games in the country.

Leading providers in the industry have embraced the benefits of tailor-made games, with Games Global (Microgaming) launching a version of their popular Mega Moolah slot specifically for the Netherlands. The game, called Geluksvogel Mega Moolah, is exclusive to the Netherlands and is only available in the game lobby of one of the country’s state-owned online casinos.

As more international operators enter the Dutch market, it is expected that they will also introduce locally oriented or exclusive games to cater to the unique preferences of Dutch players. In contrast, in the American casino market, it is anticipated that operators will mostly opt for exclusive, customized games rather than state-specific titles. believes that casino-exclusive games are a more logical move to improve customer interaction and retention among American consumers.

Overall, the trend of customized casino lobbies is reshaping the iGaming industry in Europe, with operators increasingly recognizing the value of offering unique and exclusive games to cater to the diverse preferences of players in different markets.