Casino Journal: Creating a COVID-19 Defense Plan for Casinos and Cardrooms

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the gambling industry by forcing casinos and cardrooms to temporarily close their doors. While many hope for a quick return to normal after government says it is safe to re-open, the reality is that things will have to change. The risk of infectious viruses and diseases is here to stay, and casinos need to adapt their practices to avoid losing customers.

Nobody knows when casinos will reopen to the public, but as we await that decision, gambling establishments are working hard to figure out how to guarantee the safety of everyone who visits. They will need to develop plans that address a variety of potential scenarios and risks. From controlling and preventing the spread of the virus by customers, to ensuring that every employee is virus-free, casinos have difficult decisions to make to prioritize the safety of everyone inside.

The most important aspect that management is focusing on before reopening involves developing effective testing and documentation procedures. Before an employee can return to work, they must pass a COVID-19 test to determine if they are infected, or an antibody test to see if they were infected at one point and can now prevent the virus.

Customer screening will also be a top priority. Casinos need to be prepared to turn away customers who have a temperature, since this is a primary symptom of an infection. Many will also require customers to wear masks. Some establishments have even offered disposable gloves to customers.

Finally, the strategic use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks will be essential. Casinos will provide masks to protect both customers and employees from possible infection. N95 masks will be used to ensure maximum protection for healthcare personnel and general employees. Other masks, while not as effective, will still be used to combat the spread of the virus.

While the future of the gambling industry is uncertain, one thing is for sure- the game will change when casinos and cardrooms reopen after the pandemic. Casinos need to be prepared to implement strict regulations regarding their employees and customers. It is key that they focus on safety measures and test employees early to ensure the public feels safe to return to the casinos again.