Big Money: A Feature in Casino Player and Strictly Slots Magazines

Playing table games in a casino just got even more exciting with the introduction of AGS table-game progressives. While slot machines have long been associated with big-money jackpots, table-game progressives are now gaining attention in the pit like never before.

Since the 1990s, the idea of a progressive in the table game pit has been evolving, and AGS has been at the forefront of this revolution. In 2017, AGS launched the STAX table-game progressive, which offers five progressive jackpots, with the top four tied to triggering hands. This progressive jackpot can be linked to blackjack, baccarat, or poker derivative games, and many casinos have added their own branding to the STAX progressive.

In addition to this, AGS also introduced the “Must Hit By” jackpot, which adds an element of mystery and excitement. This jackpot is triggered at a random point and adds a new dimension of fun to hitting jackpots, encouraging player participation.

AGS continued to innovate by launching Bonus Spin Xtreme, the first table-game progressive to link different table games to a single progressive, with no limit on the number of tables to be linked. This system was featured in the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, where it was linked to 40 of the 50 table games. Bonus Spin Xtreme applies a unique trigger to each table game, allowing players to win grand prizes and secondary jackpots.

The triggering events for each game occur roughly 5 percent of the time and are events that players are naturally rooting for, making them happy events in any case. The Bonus Spin Xtreme system displays the incrementing jackpots over a concentric bonus wheel on an electronic display and compels more participation in the side bet.

AGS has truly changed the game of table-game progressives, making them more attractive to players and casino operators alike. The introduction of these innovative progressive systems has not only added a new level of excitement to the pit but also enhanced the overall casino gaming experience.